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07-24-2017 07:37 PM
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Hi Ismael Chivite

I have been doing quite a lot of testing with the new functionality that ESRI has been releasing for Survey123
Today I decided to test the Custom Print Template (Beta). This all looks good and i configured a Word template from the Downloaded version.

I have however found that Attachments do not show in the new template once downloaded. This is a Basic Feature service with 10 Photo Questions. The word template is set up using:



And this is the display I get in the downloaded template

Is there something I need to configure for this to work? I used the same template that was downloaded and tried to use it as a custom template and it returned the same result.


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Hi Nick Moore‌, 

This could happen to earlier surveys created in ArcGIS Online or all surveys created in Portal for ArcGIS. 

In details, Survey123 is using a feature called "keywords" property of attachment of hosted feature service to store the question name ("name" column in XLSForm) for each attachment, so that we can distinguish which question each photo belongs to. This feature is available since Dec. 2016 release in ArcGIS Online and we finish the implementation in Survey123 by Mar. 2017. So we cannot tell which question a photo belongs to for surveys published before Mar. 2017, or surveys in Portal for ArcGIS due to the feature is not available in portal.

Basically, you can tell from the Individual Response view in Data page if your behind feature service supports the "keywords" property:

  • If you see photos appear under corresponding questions, then "keywords" property is supported by the underlying feature service
  • If you see photos appear in a single "Attachments" node, then "keywords" property is not supported by the underlying feature service

Is this the case for your survey? If not, can you please send us the XLSForms file and the edited custom print template file (.docx) for investigating?


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Hi diligentpig‌,

Thanks, That was very helpful. The particular service I was testing with is an Older feature service on AGOL. The "keywords" property is not supported on it according to your description above with all photographs appearing in a single attachments Node.

I will test this functionality on another Test service but from what you are saying you response above would have solved my issue.

Thanks for the Help

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Hi Nick, 

You're welcome, any feedback will be appreciated:)