Survey123 create/send email webhook

09-17-2021 12:09 PM
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I'm working with webhooks for survey123. 

I want to send an email when a survey is submitted. I want to include in the email the total number of survey submissions that have been made.

Is there a way to do this?

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I use Microsoft Power Automate (formally Microsoft Flow) to manage this.

1. Create New Automated Cloud Flow or from Template

2. Choose Trigger > When a Survey Response is Submitted (Survey 123)

3. Choose Survey (make sure to be signed into/connected to your AGOL account)

4. Add New Step > Choose Action/Operation > Send an Email (I use Microsoft Office 365 Outlook - V2)

5. Select Email Action and Customize Fields/Email Body as desired (add Dynamic Content - Expressions). This is where you should be able to add # of survey submissions (using dynamic content) but you might need to add a new field in the survey to include this info? Not sure.

6. Save and Run Flow Checker/Test

7. If you go to your Survey Settings in AGOL, you will see your Webhook is connected/On

Note: Make sure your Trigger and Action is signed into/connected to your AGOL account by checking Data > Connections > More Commands > Switch Account OR select Menu next Trigger/Action

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I used Integromat initially and I was able to create the flow that sends an email when a survey is submitted.
My question is if there is a way to add a count to the email of how many total submissions there have been.
I want the email recipient to be able to see how many total submissions there have been.
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