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Survey123: create a select_one using existing feature service layer field?

01-13-2020 06:24 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have been trying to find some guidance on how to generate a select_one to select a value from an existing field from a feature service layer in ArcGIS Online. I would like to be able to select a unique identifier from an existing feature service layer and to be able to create a survey with that identifier in. 

I am using Survey123 Connect and cannot find any examples of how to set up the xlsx file.  Is this possible with the latest version of Survey123? Any examples/documentation on how to achieve this would be great.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Will,

In order to have the values from an existing feature service become a choice list will require you to export the values and add them to the choices (or external_choices) worksheet; a direct connection to the feature service is not supported.

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Is there any plans to introduce such a feature in the future? Creating a choices list from a Rest Service would be really beneficial to us.