Survey123 Connect vs. Survey123 Web Design

08-17-2016 02:37 PM
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I created a survey using the web design page, but now I want to change the thumbnail picture for the survey. Can I do that in the web design? Or is that functionality only available in Survey123 Connect?

Is there a way to get the surveys I create on the web show up in Survey123 Connect, and vice-versa?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Currently you can only modify existing surveys that were created in Connect, but in the coming release (1.7) you will be able to download surveys created on the web to your desktop and modify them in Connect.

1.7 will be ready in just a few weeks.

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Version 1.7 is now available. You now should be able to open surveys authored on the web in Connect so you can edit them.  More details about the 1.7 release in our blog: 

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