Survey123 Connect-Use degree decimal minutes for geopoint question/map

05-26-2020 04:52 PM
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I have a important need to have people enter coordinates for a geopoint question in degree decimal minutes, but that option doesn't seem to be available. Is this possible with the most recent version of Survey123 Connect or is it planned?



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Hi Aaron,

How are you publishing your survey, with the web designer or Survey123 Connect? And also just to confirm, are you wanting the users to use the web app or field app to collect the surveys?

There is a setting in Connect on the Map tab to set the coordinate format to Degrees Decimal Minutes. This will work in the field app, but is not supported in the web app.

If support for Degrees Decimal Minutes is something you would like to see in the web app, please raise a support ticket and enhancement with Esri Support, and also create an idea on the Survey123 ArcGIS Ideas page. This will be very helpful to getting new enhancements like this into the backlog and prioritized accordingly.



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