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Survey123 Connect merging a KMZ file (Google Earth) to Excel Spreadsheet and displaying a particular field (notes) when out in the field

06-23-2022 03:16 PM
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My name is Adrian Ramos. I am in request for help relating to ArcGIS Survey123 Connect. My question has two parts. I am curious to know if these are possible or something close to them. I want to merge a KMZ file (Google Earth and an excel spreadsheet (csv or xlsx). I have a list that will be used in Survey123 Connect when out in the field. In it it has various fields such as x and y, id, but most importantly notes. Can I merge a KMZ file with a excel spreadsheet that I will be bringing into Survey123Map? This so when out in the field the notes section is displaying with a background map, so when biologists want to make notes they can do so in the notes field/section of the excel spreadsheet in Survey123Connect? How can I do these two things? 


Thank you,


Adrian Ramos

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