Survey123 Connect - Get Location from Quarter Sections

08-26-2020 12:18 PM
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I have a survey that allows an employee to enter in new customer data.  The employee is physically located in the office.  The Geopoint is meant to log the location of the customer.  Most of the customers are in remote areas of Canada where they use land record data (township, range, section, etc.) instead of addresses.  Ideally, the employee would be able to enter the land record info (example: NE-34-46-18-W2) and have the Geopoint enter this as an XY location (the centroid of the quarter section polygon).

I created a web map that has quarter section data.  I configured that web map to be able to search on the land record info as a single-line string as in the example above.  It works in the web map just fine, albeit slowly.  I was able to use this web map in the Geopoint map in my survey but the search settings are not honored.  Only the default address and place name search works.  The dropdown arrow that allows the user to select the layer to search that's present in the web map search is not present in the search of the Geopoint map.  The survey user can pan/zoom to find the quarter section, but this is not very practical or user-friendly.

There is a website (not Esri) that allows the user to input the land record info and it returns the lat/lon.  This is the old workflow we're replacing.  I want to keep everything within Survey123 and ArcGIS, if possible.  I wonder if Survey123 Connect allows a call to website to perform a calculation and then pass the results back to the survey - all behind the scenes.

Does anybody have suggestions about how I can get the Geopoint location based on land record input?

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