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07-17-2018 02:11 PM
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Is there a way to enable web survey backgrounds like the image below through Survey 123 Connect? The option to create a background image for surveys taken in a web browser is available through the simplified browser-based web designer, but not in Connect from what I can find. I tried pulling a survey from the web designer into connect and dug around in it's json for the setting, but couldn't find anything that's controlling this. Publishing that pulled survey through Connect again, without changing anything manually, causes the background image to disappear. So something somewhere is getting overwritten. 

Any ideas?

Form built in Web Designer

Web Designer options

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Just came across this issue today myself. Seeing as this isn't supported in Connect natively, I implemented a pretty simple workaround: an Experience Builder app with the Survey added to it.

Started with a blank full screen app, added an image and stretched to full size, then plopped in the survey (Survey widget in AGOL; if in Enterprise and that's not available you can still add a survey in an embed or iframe, whatever the widget's called).

I will be doing a bit more to this but here is the basic layout. Obviously this is a solution targeted at web browser surveys.


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