Survey123 compatibility with existing long-term dataset

07-29-2020 02:23 PM
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I have 15 years of ecological monitoring data currently in an Access database. We are trying to migrate the database to a new system that would allow for easy, rapid reporting- such as an ESRI dashboard. The goal is to use Survey123 in the field for plot data collection, and then the Monitoring app or Dashboard to provide results. 

My question is- would I be able to transfer all the old data into the Survey123 application? Do you have a better suggestion of how to get an Access database worth of data into a dashboard that would then work alongside the Survey123 moving forward?

Thank you! Any advice would help.

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Hi Aviva,

Yes, this is possible. Survey123 uses standard ArcGIS feature services when creating Survey123 forms. Therefore if you migrate all your data to a feature service, you can then create a survey form based on this data using an existing feature service as the template. This will allow you to create dashboards, web maps and other Esri ArcGIS applications all from the same data.



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Is there a limitation as to the number of records stored in AGOL?  I understood the limit was around 2000 before you start to experience performance problems?

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If you are trying to draw in Collector then more than 2,000 is hard.  But in a web map and such no problem at all.  I have feature classes over 20,000 and tables at 2 million with no real issue.  Collector tables over 100,000 with no real issues.

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Thank you! This was what I was hoping for...Wish me luck!