Survey123 - Can I create a file with no location?

08-04-2020 07:01 AM
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Good morning!

Can I create a file with no location? I created a Survey and one of the questions that I created, was asking the state. I noticed that the file that was created had a location attached to it and could see the location visualize in map. My goal was to create a file based on the survey (one of the questions was state) and wanted to join the file with another one and then add to my map?


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Hi Antonio,

What do you mean by "create a file"? What sort of file are you referring to? All ArcGIS feature services have a geometry, so even if you do not include a geopoint question in your survey, a location will still be captured. this may appears as 0,0 or the location sensor of the device will be used to get users actual location.

Are you using Connect or the web designer to create your survey, and are users using the field app or web app to complete the survey?



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Thanks, you answered my question. When, I added a record in Survey123, the software automatically added a location.