Survey123 callback to offline fieldmaps and sync

05-11-2022 03:58 AM
by Anonymous User
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Is it possible to force sync an offline Field Maps map once a Survey123 survey is submitted?

I have a point feature class and a related table as an offline map in Field Maps (22.2.0) that uses a custom URL to go to Survey123. In Survey123 field workers will answer questions on the feature class and the related table which is contained in a repeat. On submitting/cancelling the survey, it callbacks to Field Maps where I would like to then force sync it.

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You can use a callback so that it flips back to Field Maps after he form is completed or cancelled.  Just add &callback= to the end of your form launch URL.

But you are saying you want to force a sync while offline?  Maybe a typo?  Cannot sync with no connection of course.  You could set sync to auto with a short timer but we have found that sometimes a sync while offline can sometimes force a user to log back in, which with no signal gets them stuck.  We tell them to stay in airplane mode the whole time which seems to help that.  Unless you mean 123 sync to Field Maps somehow. No you cant do that it has to go through the cloud since they are separate apps.


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I have a similar need.

I don't want Field maps to sync though, I want the point to auto-update when the call back sends me back to Field maps.

I have symbology set up for the layer so that when a point is "visited today" it is one colour, and if it hasn't yet been visited it is another colour (so users can keep track of which locations they have visited and sent Survey123 data from on any one day).

However the only way I can get the point to update and therefore change colour is by using "edit" and "update point".

Auto update on call back would be amazing. Working offline.