Survey123: calculation based on a old value in the database

06-16-2020 02:43 AM
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Hi guys,

I am trying to create a small form that make easy the collection of values and makes the calculation on its own:

(I am using Connect)

Here is the case:

on the  20/03 I have a total =  64

on the 21/03 I input New = 9 

so the calculation takes the total of yesterday and add 9+64=73

(on the other way round if I need to subtract a value from the one of yesterday)

Is there a way I can get  "case  total" = 73 without checking the old value in the table and make the addition manually?


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Are you trying to pull the value from an old form?  Or is this in a repeat?  In the web map?

If you are looking across form then Arcade in a web map would be a way to go.

Hope that helps.

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