Survey123 Attachment Bug

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05-11-2023 05:54 AM
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I am having an issue viewing images in publicly shared maps that are collected in Survey123 made in Connect . This appears to be a new issue, as I am able to view them fine in older surveys I have created. The images work with a token, but I get this error when trying to view them without one.


{"error":{"code":404,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["None. This feature has no associated attachments."]}}


As a test, I made a new survey in Connect using the included Basic template and changed nothing. I have the same issue with that survey, but one I made with the Survey123 web designer works fine. 

I think the problem must be with the way Survey123 Connect is publishing the surveys.  I am using version 3.17.54

Has anyone else seen this issue? Any solution?  


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