Survey123 App not working with Integromat

06-04-2019 11:58 AM
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Hey all! I have a scenario which when a new survey is submitted, a feature report is created and emailed to the user. 

The issue I have realized is that when a survey is being submitted within the Survey123 App, it does not initiate the workflow with Integromat. The workaround I have currently is submitting the survey through a web browser. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful!


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Hi Ronnie

Thanks for the details. For the webhook to work in the field app, the survey must be downloaded/updated on the field app after the webhook has been created (so that the webhook details are downloaded to the app with the survey). Could you please confirm whether you have updated (re-downloaded) the survey on the field app since you created the webhook with Integromat?

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