Survey123 Annotate image -Capture Map by Default

11-06-2019 04:38 AM
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Is it possible to default an annotate image question to the Map option? I want to have a image of the map attached to   every form i submit 

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Hi Paul.  Unfortunately it is not possible to initialize the annotate question with an interactive map, but you can initialize it with an image of your choice. 

This may work for you:

  • Take a screenshot of your map.
  • Copy the image file into the media folder of your survey.
  • Reference the image file in your image question as shown below and select the appearance that makes sense to you: draw or annotate seem like good candidates.


imageanimal_observationsHighlight  where animal was hurtcoyote.pngdraw


More info at 

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Thanks Ismeal  i want to be able to submit a location overview at a specific scale for each survey but it looks like this can only be done manually at the moment so.  I think this may be a useful feature. I can think of a few applications myself i may log it as an idea. 

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It is possible now in the mobile app by setting the esri style to method=map. However, it doesn't work on the Web Form. Could the Survey123 dev team please make it available on web form?

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Hi Jack, do you have an example workflow for this?


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