Survey123 and Integromat

02-28-2022 02:12 PM
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Survey123 Reports, what is a feature reports URL? Survey 123 doesnt look like it is creating a feature report and I am showing an error in Integromat that states Missing URL for required file, I think it is looking for the URL to the report but what is the URL to feature report coming out of S123?  

Screenshots of the error are in the doc. I also have a S123 and report output that IS working same surveys on both, but different report templates.

Is someone able to help? Thank you

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Hi SWilander, 

I posted a response to your other question on this topic here -

It looks like your problem is a sneaky pipe ( | ) character, based on the screenshots in your post linked above.  If that's not the case, reply in the post linked above and we'll get it figured out. 

(Posting here in case anyone else stumbles upon your question)

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