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Survey123 and Equipment and Employee Hour Tracking

10-21-2020 09:30 AM
New Contributor II

I need some ideas on how to design my Survey123 to where staff can track their time on-site & equipment time on site.

In a previous survey, I made a ${EmployeesOnSite} and ${EquipmentOnSite} question to where staff can select the employees/equipment on-site (select multiple)

Then created a question/field for each employee's & equipment's total time from those lists.







Using a couple of calculations and relevant functions I was able to make this work.

I want to avoid using this method for this Survey. (A lot more staff and equipment to choose from)

Data is currently collected in a paper form then migrated into an excel sheet like below. 

Staff would like to use Survey123 to track their work and the number of hours each available employee was on-site and equipment used. 

Any ideas on how to design this workflow?


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Hi Antonio,

Have you considered using a repeat in your survey, one for time and one for equipment, you could have the parent layer having the persons name, and then in each repeat you enter the details. Would this work?



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How did you do this and what does it look like on your excel spreadsheet if I can ask? I am currently trying to track multiple employee times but can't figure out how to do that successfully. 

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