Survey123 Analyze tab freezes when subsetting date fields

09-22-2022 06:09 PM
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Hi all,


I have made a Survey123 form from an existing feature layer in Survey123 Connect. I have matched all of the field types to the types they should be interpreted, and I have organized the question structures as they all should be. The survey published without issue. 

Now I have ~2000 records that were published on the same day, I therefor cannot select and filter by submission date, but I do have a field called "Date" in my data.

When I open the Analyze tab, everything works fine without issue, graphs show up, can hide fields as needed, I can even subset by string values if I want. However, if I try to subset by my Date field with the filter "Date is between XX/XX/XXXX and YY/YY/YYYY", the apply button, when pressed, will continually load endlessly without actually applying the filter. 


I have tried to do this with every type of filter for the Date field - "is", "is not", "is between", "starts with", etc. They all fail to load.


Please help!

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'Date' is a reserved word and should not be used as a field name in Survey123 Connect.

Targeting an existing feature service should inherit the field types. You should not need to change these and I can envisage issues if you have i.e. mixed string and date.

Can you share the XLSForm?

Would suggest taking a look at the data itself. What format is the field and what values are in it? Is there invalid data? String values, a mix of dd/mm/yyyy and mm/dd/yyyy?

I don't believe the form is relevant for the analyze tab. Sounds like you have some data issues or it's from the use of the keyword 'date' as the fieldname.

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