Survey123 accessibility for blind students

11-19-2020 01:23 AM
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I have a student teacher-in-training who's having his high school class do a project wherein they use Survey123 to gather data in the field. One student in that class is blind and therefore cannot use the app as intended. 

Our question is, is there some way for this high school student (and in fact anyone without normal eyesight) to use the app, and specifically whether there is an option to record audio responses to questions instead of the usual options?


Mathijs Booden

Teacher trainer at University of Amsterdam

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Hello Mathjis,

At the moment, there is an audio question that can be used to record an audio response. The responses can be up to two minutes in length and gets stored as a .wav file. 

Audio/media clips can also be included in the survey to prompt questions or give information.

Information on these audio questions and including audio files in your survey are described a bit here, near the bottom under Audio:

If you are still looking for additional functionality for blind/visually impaired users, I would highly recommend posting on our ArcGIS Ideas page!

Best Wishes,


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