Survey123 3.7 Update - Changes to 'numbers' appearance & function in IOS - is it possible to still have the IOS keyboard pop up in addition to the Survey123 number pad?

12-12-2019 10:21 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a published survey in which several fields are primarily numeric inputs, but will occasionally require another character. Since the primary input are numbers I set the appearance of these questions to 'numbers' so they could type most of the filed with the pop-up numb pad (as typing in long number strings with the IOS keyboard is tedious). In the previous versions of the IOS app a field is set to have the 'numbers' appearance would still have the IOS keyboard pop up so they could use it to type in the other characters, but with this latest release the keyboard no longer pops up and you also don't seem to be able to copy or paste into the field.

Is there a way to have the number pad appear but also allow input from the IOS keyboard?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Sam,

Unfortunately not, with the 3.7 release, only the one keyboard will be displayed when using the numbers appearance. This was a highly requested enhancement (and even described as a bug by many customers) to remove the system keyboard (iOS or Android) when the numbers keyboard is displayed. Both keyboards can not be displayed at the same time.



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