Survey123 (1.3.17) Template Location

04-04-2016 06:43 AM
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When i attempt to create a new survey, there are no templates available (No forms found) in New Survey window. Where are the templates stored in version 1.3.17?


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Hi Gary, thanks for pointing this out.  This is an issue that affects only Portal for ArcGIS with 1.3.17. We discussed this today and fixed it so folks will not run into it once we make 1.3.x available.  In the meantime, you can workaround this issue as follows: 1) Open the login dialog and have Connect point to ArcGIS Online. 2) Close the Login dialog and open it again. 3) Create a New Survey (Samples and Templates) will show and create local copies of the Templates you want. You can do this by creating an empty survey and then copying the XLSfile somewhere in your computer  4) Once you have a local copy of your XLSFile, rename it and import it into Connect when connected against Portal.

Again, this will not be an issue once we make 1.3.x available in our next update.