Survey page stops responding after adding multiple repeat records in one section

05-09-2023 11:46 AM
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I am working with a survey created with Survey123 Connect version 3.16.110.

It is a long survey with a repeating group relevant to a previous question. 

The repeating group has a lot of questions and related questions, as well as text displays. 

After filling out the first or second record, the survey page will get stuck and stop responding when I tried to add another record. Sometimes it even happens as I was answering questions in second or third record.

Is it related to the maximum length of string characters one group could hold? Is there anything I could do to fix this issue?

Annotation 2023-05-09 142153.png

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Really need to see the form to know for sure.  Repeats can sometimes load in weird ways causing issues.

But relevant changes all answers to null on a change so that can eat up a lot of memory.  You could try using the esri visible column instead.  It just hides vs null which can be good and bad depening on your form workflow.  You could try it.

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Hi @VictorWu 

I'd recommend reaching out to Tech Support as it would be good to recreate this internally and isolate the issue

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