Survey Open/Close Status Issue

08-04-2021 10:54 AM
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I'm working on a survey within Survey123 Connect that requires a specific window of time to be open/closed throughout the year. I'm working on a test survey to play with the functionality of the Survey Status section within Survey123 in ArcGIS Online.



I selected the date/time for my survey to open and close for the day and tested it out. The survey closed and I was able to view the screen which explained that the survey was closed. I went back into survey123 within AGO to configure the date/time window to extend the timeframe and open the survey back up.

I received this message when trying to submit a survey:


Am I unable to extend the timeframe for surveys? 



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Hi @DaveK ,

First of all, quick answer is that you can extend timeframe for your survey. I followed  your test to extend timeframe (I changed my time zone on my PC to yours before this)and I could still submit survey, which also means I was not able to reproduce your issue.

I'm using Connect  3.12.232 on Mac with AGO.

Can you share more info about your situation?If so, I have questions that might be helpful to consider:

1. Is it an issue that you can steadily reproduce?

2. If so, is client's location( where this issue was encountered) the same as -04:00 time zone?

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