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Survey Embedded in Dashboard no Longer editing

08-15-2022 08:24 AM
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I have a dashboard that contains an embedded Survey123 form that is used by office staff to update S123 forms that were collected in the field. It has been working great until last week. When editing data in the embedded survey, i now receive the following error:


The survey was created in Connect using a feature service in Enterprise. The survey has not been updated for at least 2 months. If I login to Portal via I have no problem viewing the survey, saving in the collaborate tab. The editing of existing surveys works fine via the Inbox in the field app.

Any ideas?



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Hi Sharing the same experience here. I think it might be related to the last AGOL update.
Looks likes the both apps does not share the tokens anymore.

A workaround that worked for me is to login at this url . It brings back the survey.

Bug reported here :

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