Survey created from Feature Service View not showing joined fields

08-18-2022 10:54 AM
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I have a feature service with one geometry layer and three related tables. I have created a view layer by joining the parent geometry layer to a 1:1 related table. 

I have a survey that updates the related table. This works great, but I have had difficulty with the reporting since I can't seem to access the parent records for elements of the report. So as a workaround I would like to generate the reporting survey directly off the view layer since it contains all the tables. 

The problem: the survey looks fine, however when viewing the data on the survey123 website (where the report is generated) the additional fields joined in from the related table do not show up and can't be pulled in from the report. Why are the additional fields missing?

Here's a long list of the fields in the view (this is just a few of them):



The additional fields show up automatically when generating the survey, they are in the xls form, and are present in the surveys preview as well as when the preview is shared.



However, when looking on the website the fields are absent and can't be pulled into the report. The list of available fields stops at those contained in the parent layer. 



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