survey 123 web designer editing existing survey data

03-21-2021 06:37 AM
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I work for the Bureau of land management and we have a subscription to survey 123 but only the web designer side. We are looking on making a massive inventory of our site area's. Once we collect the data we want to be able to go back out in ( 6 months) and relog the data but don't want hundreds of the same points and want to update existing data. I see that you can do that in survey 123 connect but can you do that in the web designer side only? If not do you have any ideas that we could move forward with. Would be very interested in doing more classes with the esri team.


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Hi @JosephKotecki,

You can achieve this by following this workflow:

If for some reason you can't apply the solution above, a workaround could be to submit a new point every time you submit a survey, but in your web maps and other applications where the layer is presented you can def query by point's unique ID and show only latest point (e.g. show only last 6 months). Another way is to run a dissolve/delete records on the layer after each collection and keep only the latest collection dates.

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