Survey 123 URL Parameters causing "String or Binary Data would be Truncated" Error

09-15-2022 03:54 AM
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Hi All,

We have a simple Survey 123 form set up, that is launched from a pop-up window in the web map. Pop up window contains a text, which in fact is a hyperlink. 
In the URL we have set up some parameters, one of them is an info from selected feature (owner of the pop-up). 
It all works fine, when filling up the form on the web version. However when submitting edit via Survey 123 App on a tablet, this particular filed is being truncated. 

Both, the source layer and target layer for this info, have Codes (01,02) set and labels.

Source layer is a String(256), target is String (10).  If the code is 01 and 02, I would expect to "fit" in 10 character space but it looks like the URL's parameter tries to insert an actual label.

Below is our URL:


Does any one had similar issue? 

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The URL scheme by default will pass the domain description, not domain value. This makes sense as we would want the field to show the useful label in a pop-up in normal circumstances.

You can try creating a custom arcade expression of the below and then referencing the expression in the custom URL pop-up

DomainName($feature, 'fieldName')


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