Survey 123 submitted surveys showing empty records on survey 123

06-29-2021 01:39 AM
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I created survey on survey 123 connect, and when people submit their survey I only see modified on overview instead of the name of the property they have submitted for (please see image), even though on the connect excel sheet I have indicated under instance name the name that the submitted data should show in survey 123.

Oh and the other thing is, if the other person submits their data on survey 123, when I try to check what they have submitted it comes back with empty records, only the person that has submitted the data is able to see the data that has been submitted, I want everyone to be able to see the names of the property submitted instead of “modified and the date” and also see the submitted data.

I would like my survey to show the names of the collected data to everyone and other people able to view the other submissions and edit them.

All settings have been checked

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi. Did you make the property_details question required? If not, people may be submitting empty propery_details which would explain why the label in the Inbox record is empty. 

Also, check the Settings of your survey feature layer to make sure you are not filtering records based on who owns the feature.

Finally, please note that it is recommended to disable the Sent folder when the Inbox is enabled.

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