Survey 123 Photo question.

12-15-2021 09:34 AM
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Hello all, I have been collecting a lot of data using survey123. Part of my data collection includes photos specific to each point I'm collecting. Moving forward I have exported the dataset and opened it within ArcGIS Pro in order to work with it further. I'd like to export the data as a table and make some changes in Excel and then work with it again in Pro.

However, I want to maintain the connection to the photos that I took, so that we I upload the data onto ArcGIS Online I have the updated table data that I modify in excel and the photos attached to each field as they were originally. I have spent a little time trying to figure this out but can't quite figure out the correct path to do this.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello @RyanPiper

This can be accomplished using the ArcGIS API for Python, you can use the export method to export your feature service as an Excel table. When it's exported you can then download the attachments using the sample Michael Kelly provides here. From there you can use a module called openpyxl to map the attachment paths to the associated features in the Excel file. 

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  • the hosted feature layer is your point of truth and has the attachments
  • there are calculations and changes want to make in Excel
  • you have a PK in your data (like a GUID)

You can skip the FGDB download entirely and:

  • in Pro run Table to Excel using the hosted layer
  • edit the XLSX as required - noting which records or fields you modified (optional)
  • Add Join it back to the hosted feature layer on your primary key
  • update hosted data using selections and Calculate Field to suit your requirements 

You can do the lot either as point 'n click or in python. 

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