Survey 123 not showing correctly in app

03-23-2020 05:44 AM
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I have a survey that i have created uising survey 123 online, and whilst the survey shows as expected when loading in a broswer in a mobile device, it doesnt load correctly in the Survey 123 field app. This means that whilst users can submit surveys from the browser directly, there is no option for them to save as draft like there is in the field app to upload later when internet connection is available. The app is set up so that it starts with just one page visible and depending on your answers, further pages become available to sumbit further information totalling 4 pages at most. In the field app, the first page appears to be split over 2 screens, with images not showing correctly and all other pages being able to move to but showing as blank. We would ideally like the survey to be shown exactly the same in the filed app and when using a browser as at the moment we are telling people not to use the field app. Are there any known issues with the field app? (this is the same on both iOS and android with the most recent version of the field app downloaded last week.

see screenshots below

first page as in browser

first page in field app

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Hi Geoff,

What version of field app are you using? This problem should be addressed in the new release of field app and Connect. Could you try to download the same web survey again in the latest 3.7 Connect and preview the form to see if you are still seeing the same issue?

Please also use the latest version of field app to see if the issue is still persisted.

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