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Survey 123 controls not working when launched through link in Field Maps (app, not web)

10-19-2021 06:20 PM
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I am encountering an issue where I have formatted a 'required' repeat field with a repeat count of 100 set in my survey design, which functions as expected when the survey is launched through Survey 123, preventing the survey from being submitted if the required 100 repeat responses are not completed.

However, when the survey is launched through a link in the pop-up of a different feature service in Field Maps (mobile app, not web app), the required controls are not applied and it is possible to submit the survey without the required 100 repeat responses being populated.

Strangely, if you don't enter any responses in the repeat, you cannot submit the form, but if you enter 1 response in the repeat, you can submit the form....


Many thanks for any advice!

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I have had lots of issues with repeat count as well. 

In the end I did my own control for it.  Old way was to use once(count(somerepeatfield)) but now you can use position(..).  Then you can set a constraint using the count.  For example recordcount field with a calc of max(position(..)) = 100 or count(somecounterfield) = 100.

Not as clean but it does work.  Also I found adding one repeat at a time vs having all 100 load at once solved all kinds of weird calc issues.  I took repeat count out of all my forms since it always ended up causing problems.  Esp 100 at once, these tablets only have so much memory.

Hope that helps.