Survey 123: Connecting Two Surveys

11-16-2020 09:15 AM
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Hello Everyone,


I am new to survey 123 and I have been asked if two different surveys can be connected to one another because similar conditions in one will start the other?





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Hi Mike,

It is possible to build two surveys on the same feature layer if you want to be able to use data from one survey in another survey. See the Use Survey123 with existing feature layers documentation, and this tutorial also covers an example where one survey is used for an initial assessment and a second survey is used to collect more detailed information. 

One approach to this kind of workflow would be to configure the surveys so if certain conditions in the first survey are met, a survey will appear in the inbox of the second survey for the user to complete. You could also configure a note question or pop up in the first survey to instruct the user to navigate to and complete the second survey.


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Thank you Barbara.

I will review the information/links and give it a try.

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