Survey 123 connect survey "Failing to Save" when trying to Share results.

04-15-2021 12:01 PM
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Hello I am having some issues sharing the results from a survey in the web manager that I created in Survey 123 Connect. 

The survey is being used to inspect spring woodland pool for mosquito larva and our Biologist would like to access the analyze tab in Survey 123.  However it is not showing up as being available when he is logged in.  So I am trying to change the "Share Results" settings under the Collaborate tab.  When I try to change the permissions to any of the settings it fails and I get this error.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

"{"error":{"name":"ArcGISRequestError","message":"Service name 'survey123_caf0c505b41f433bb78ea0e3a6ace01e_stakeholder' already exists for 'AXdcXRQtK8eWddwr'","originalMessage":"Service name 'survey123_caf0c505b41f433bb78ea0e3a6ace01e_stakeholder' already exists for 'AXdcXRQtK8eWddwr'","code":"UNKNOWN_ERROR_CODE","response":{"success":false,"error":{"message":"Service name 'survey123_caf0c505b41f433bb78ea0e3a6ace01e_stakeholder' already exists for 'AXdcXRQtK8eWddwr'"},"isView":true},"url":" Feature Service (stakeholder) for survey caf0c505b41f433bb78ea0e3a6ace01e","editorTrackingInfo":{"enableEditorTracking":true,"enableOwnershipAccessControl":true,"allowOthersToUpdate":false,"allowOthersToDelete":false,"allowOthersToQuery":true,"allowAnonymousToUpdate":false,"allowAnonymousToDelete":false}}},"headers":{}}}}"

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