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08-15-2022 03:16 AM
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Hi All,

I'm working on a survey which is embeded into a dashboard and used as part of an approval process in enterprise portal.

I would like a hyperlink to be created using responses to previous questions in the survey and when the hyperlink is clicked a partially populated email is created containing info from questions in the survey. I'm able to make this work using a webhook but webhooks don't work in all cases as the survey cannot be made public and attachments aren't accessible to people outside the organisation, so I need to get this to work using html.


The code below does exactly what I want in Survey123 connect, (${approval} is a multiple choice questions "approved" or "rejected"). However, when I publish it and embed it in the dashboard in enterprise portal it doesn't work, I get some of the code text showing in the hyperlink and when the hyperlink is clicked I get the error <span class= in the email address field.


<div><font color='red'>Before clicking submit attach file(s) and send email to survey lead <a href="mailto:${surveyoremail}?subject=Land Access Request status update&body=Your land access request has been ${approval}.


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