Survey 123 Classic "SEND" button not submitting data

10-07-2019 12:41 PM
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I finished gathering some data in the field two weeks ago and then tried to send it to the server when I got back to the office. I tapped the send button and nothing happened. I thought maybe it was an internet connection issue, so I took it home to my my known working internet and still nothing happened. This is an older ipad running classic because the new version is not supported on it. Iw was working fine a few weeks ago. Any thoughts on what is wrong? Same thing is happening with my older model Samsung. Have you stopped supporting older devices running survey classic?

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Hi Chris,

The application on device should work as expected.  That being said, Survey123 Classic has been removed from the Google Play Store as the year of support ended (note: Classic was not released in the Apple App Store).  Regarding the issues getting the data from the device, I would suggest attempting the 'Recover data from a mobile device' workflow described in Troubleshoot—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation 

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