Surevey123 Connect not responding

04-12-2022 09:03 AM
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I recently received a new computer and had to download Survey123 Connect again. I am running version 3.14.256. The app opens just fine but when I go to open any of my surveys they either get stuck loading or I immediately receive a Not Responding error message. Is anyone else experiencing this with this version? Do I need to download connect again?

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Hello @Bryan_Wade

A couple of things to try: 

- In your display settings under Scale and layout is it set to 125% or 100%? If the Scale is set to 125% try changing it to 100% and restarting Connect does the same behavior occur? 

- If you navigate to the install directory of Survey123, which by default is C:\Users\username\Applications\ArcGIS\ArcGISSurvey123Connect, open a Command Prompt session and cd to that directory. Once in the directory run ArcGISSurvey123Connect.exe --renderingEngine angle. Please see this link for more information:

- If neither of those things work please enable logging in Connect and pass along a diagnostic log when the behavior is occurring for review on our end. 

Thank you,
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This just happened to me and fixing the display settings worked.  Thank you.  I have been working forever at 125% and had not had a problem until yesterday.  What would cause that to happen all of a sudden?  can I switch back to 125%?  My eyes are not what they used to be ;o)


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