Sum values based on criteria

06-10-2020 12:07 PM
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I'm essentially trying to incorporate a "sumif" expression (excel) so that the pop-up of a feature lists the totals from all time and continues to update with new information. 

We are using a Survey123 form to track the amount of "apples" collected from a specific numbered "box" at every visit. The resulting attribute table looks something like the table below. 

Box NumberApples Collected at Visit

I'd like to have a layer with each of the boxes' locations mapped and when you click on the point, it lists how many total apples have been collected from that box (ex: Box 2; total apples collected: 135). 

I'd also like it to continue to update that total value as new survey data is submitted. 

Is this possible? What is the best set up/process to go about this? 

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Are the counts in a related table?  If so you can use Arcade FeatureSet to go grab them and get a count.

Hope that helps not sure based on the post

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