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Sum of Repeat Fields Calculating Inconsistently

06-13-2023 09:59 AM
New Contributor II

I have a survey that is used out in the field on the field app with iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxies for inspectors to capture various plant species, types, and areal coverage. Inspectors select the appropriate plant stratum that best represents the site (from 3 different options), then within a repeat:

  1. Inspectors use an autocomplete field to enter the plant name which pulls the scientific name and status (4 different options) from a CSV file.
  2. Inspectors enter the percent of areal coverage for each plant into 3 different stratum integer fields.
  3. 4 hidden integer fields with nested IF statements in the Calculation field run to determine the appropriate values for each plant entered in the repeat.
  4. Inspectors continue to add new repeat records repeating Steps 1 - 3 until completed.
  5. The 4 hidden integer fields are then summed outside of the repeat in 4 integer fields to return the total applicable amounts for the site.

The issue that we're having occurs with the data entry and addition of new repeats (Steps 2 and 4 above). When inspectors enter the values in Step 2 and add a new record in the repeat, the calculations are not summing correctly in Step 5. For instance, entering 5, 10, and 0 in the fields with the expectation of 5 being returned/added to one of the 4 fields outside of the repeat - but nothing is added.

This is sometimes mitigated by ensuring the inspector tabs through all 3 of the integer fields prior to selecting add a new record, but not always. The issue seems to happen more predominantly in the field app but has been recreated on the desktop app before. The web app seems to calculate fine, but would remove the bulk of the functionality that is required for our use case (offline, CSV pull, etc.) if we utilized the web app.

The issue was submitted to ESRI and it was entered as an enhancement with low priority. Are there any workarounds or solutions to this issue that anyone is aware of? I've attached the XLSX and CSV files with the problem areas highlighted in yellow in the XLSX. The issues are on Page 2 of the survey. Any assistance is incredibly appreciated.

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