Submission URL Not Compatible / Table Not Found

08-16-2022 10:58 AM
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I am using Survey123 and have run into this error: "The custom feature service submission_url is not compatible with this survey. Table treespoints not found."

I inputted treespoints and it's url in the settings tab in the Excel/XLS sheet but the error still occurs.

I thought it could also be the repeat expression but it looks fine (to me).

I am sure it's an easy fix but my eyes have been glazing over this file for hours and I am growing inpatient.

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You do not put 2 URLs in the settings page.  Just the 1 URL to the top level of the service with a layer name of MASTER_UF_INVENTORY_USE since that is your form_id and then there should be a related table called treespoints inside that same service.  Cannot point to 2 different services.

You did not post a image of your service so hard to tell.  

look at


Hope that helps.

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Following on from what @DougBrowning said, just make sure the tables and IDs match as per the following example










My prediction is the form_id is not correct. 

Hope this helps

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You could try 'test' in form_id.

What I do to always get the correct form_id and submission URL is create a survey from Feature Service.


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