stop accepting responses once a certain number of records are submitted

02-15-2023 10:05 PM
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Hello, I have some issues.

I have three different dates and a list of organizations. Each date maximum to 10 people. Therefore, the maximum number of people allowed to join this session for each organization is two people. Thus, the constraint has been set by me. >=1 and.=2 for the total number of pax joining. Therefore, the dropdown will change based on the number of guests.

On the other hand, I only intended to invite ten people to each date. The date would be as follows: 14-02-2023 for ten people, 15-02-2023 for ten people, and 16-02-2023 for ten people. If another member of the organization wished to submit another answer, it would not be possible since the maximum number of entries allowed for that organization has been reached.

Is it possible? 




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I think you could do this with the pulldata(@layer...) capability. Take a look at this article -

One of the examples given in the article is:

Another common use case is that in which you want a survey to stop accepting responses once a certain number of records are submitted. This is also something pulldata("@layer") can do for you. Check out the next screenshot: Through a query to the signup table, we can tell how many people already signed up. A constraint in the form uses this value to allow (or not allow) another person to submit the survey.

By combining this example with an attribute filter for the organization and date selections, you can have a dynamic constraint that meets your needs.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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