Stakeholder view best practices?

04-16-2021 09:12 AM
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I'm hoping to get some more guidance on best practices for using stakeholder views.  I have a number of surveys published through survey123 connect which I regularly update and re-publish.  In turn, I have to delete the stakeholder view and re-share the survey results.  

I'm using dashboards to display results and apps to edit the data.  Should I be using the original feature service with these or the stakeholder view?  I normally avoid using the stakeholder view since I would have to delete it and reconfigure the app every time I update my survey.  

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Hi Chelsea,


I usually create a view layer from the survey feature layer’s overview page directly. Then this case any changes applied in the survey layer can be inherited to the view layer and hardly need to reconfigure any associated apps.

make sure to share the view layer with the group you have for stakeholders.

Hope it helps. 




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Hey Chelsea - you shouldn't have to delete and re-create your stakeholder view when you update/republish your survey. If you added new fields, you can view them in your stakeholder view by updating the View Definition (Visualization > three dots > Set View Definition > Define Fields) and maybe also Configure Attributes to make them displayable/editable.

As far as using original vs. stakeholder view in your dashboards/apps, I determine it by whether my survey is open to the public or not. Generally speaking, you don't want the public to have edit access to your data, and sometimes you may want to grant view access but not edit access to your org's members, so you can set up multiple views with different permissions and use them accordingly.

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