Spike and Survey123 integration

01-19-2022 02:57 PM
New Contributor II

Hi, I have just acquired a Spike to test it with Survey123 and I have encountered 2 issues:

- In the xlsform, the gpsdestdistance EXIF tag is used to get the distance to an object. The photo saved by Spike does not contain this EXIF tag. (See Spike - EXIF.txt file) - other tags are from the xlsform are missing like gpsdestlatitude and gpsdestlongitude

- When the Spike photo is saved to Survey123, it loses GPS information. (See Survey(Spike) - EXIF.txt) even though GPS information is in the original Spike photo (See Spike - EXIF.txt). I have also attached the EXIF of a photo taken by Survey123 which contains GPS information (See Survey123 (Photo) - EXIF.txt)


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