Signing into ArcGIS on an embedded web survey

12-30-2021 09:04 AM
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Is there a way to have a sign in option on a web form embedded in a dashboard? 

I have a web survey embedded in a dashboard, that uses a submission URL to save responses in a feature layer created by a different survey (submitted by field app only). I have the add and update option switched on for submitters for both surveys, which means a submitter can only edit their own records. The two surveys and the dashboard are shared with 'Everyone', however sometimes submitters sign into the field app when submitting the first survey. Because I am using a submission URL in the web survey, the submitter needs to be signed into the same user account as the one they signed into when the submitted the first survey through the field app. However, when they open the dashboard link with the embedded web survey, they are not necessarily signed in. For now they are signing into ArcGISOnline and then opening the dashboard in the same browser. Is there a way that a sign in option available in the embedded web survey?

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Essentially, is there a way to see this ribbon with a sign in button even when you are not signed in



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