Showing repeats in map - linked to the parent geopoint?

06-03-2021 03:18 AM
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I have a Survey123 form with a "main" parent geopoint location, then one level of repeats that includes a geopoint question.

I have created a web map with both the parent layer and the repeats/child layer. However there is no information showing within the repeat points pop-ups that indicates which parent point they belong to. Is there some way I can do this? Either within the pop-up or using symbology to visually indicate the link? The users will be recording a unique project ID for each parent record, so ideally I'd like to show this ID in the child pop-ups or  symbolise the parent and child records in the same colour...or some other way I haven't yet identified.

E.g. below - the blue points are the parent records and the orange are the related records - but which related records belong to which parent?



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I am not aware of tool that draws lines or highlights related records the way that shows a clear relationship.

For a similar situation I have I've used a Dashboard configured with a list of parent locations and a list of child locations and one map.  The map displays parent and child locations. When a parent is selected, the parent info popup appears and the child list and the child map layer are filtered to show only the children associated with that parent. 




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