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Show an answer in feature report if a value is NOT chosen in the survey, multiple-choice question

01-26-2022 12:13 AM
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I have been trying to do a feature report that show you an answer if you do not mark one of several questions in a multiple-choice question. I tried using the != operator but that gives back all values no matter what you actually mark in the survey. 

it looks like this atm 

${if varde_132_4!=4} <answer>${/} ${if varde_132_4!=3} <answer>${/} ${if varde_132_4!=2} <answer>${/} ${if varde_132_4!=1} <answer>${/}

Know there is a ${if multiple_choice1 | selected:"A"} funktion but there is no similar for "not selected" as far as I have found. Is there a way around this?



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Would one of these work? 

${if varde_132_4 | countSelected<1}<answer>${/}


${if varde_132_4<1} <answer>${/}


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No that wont work as every value have their own answer back if not checked and have to remember its a multiple-choice question so you can have 1-4 <answers> back depending on which question you did not check.

If you do not check value 4 there is a specifik answer back in the report, same for value 3,2,1.

value 4 not checked returns <answer 4> in the report

value 3 not checked returns <answer 3> in the report

value 2 not checked returns <answer 2> in the report

value 1 not checked returns <answer 1> in the report


Is there a way to use ${if multiple_choice1 | selected:"4"} but to get not in the selected part of the operator?

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