Share the survey and the data using service definition (copy the solution)

09-13-2021 10:27 AM
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Hello all, 


I am curious if I can share my survey form and the layer using service definition so that others can create the same solution with the same data structure used in my survey. I've never utilized service definition, so I am not sure 100% how it works, but isn't it that other users can create the same dataset using a single file? Does anyone know if it's feasible with the Survey123 (created from Connect).





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Easiest way to clone a survey is send the a zip of the directory from My Survey Designs.  Then they say new survey from file and pick the xls you sent.  Then they have to manually copy over anything in the media folder.  Then publish.

Service definition will handle the service but you still need the form item so this prob will not help you.

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