Setting Survey123 map extent/zoom from URL

11-19-2021 09:02 AM
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I have a survey that I created in Survey123 Connect (3.12.232).  The user drops a point and records some fields.  I have a webmap set up to view these points, with a custom URL in the popup to allow them to create a copy of a point in a new survey (&mode=copy&globalId={globalid}), with an incremental increase in my "tree number" identifier.  For now, all the surveys are being done inside a browser, not the mobile application.

The URL link works as intended (the new survey's geopoint is set at the desired location), but the map in the survey does not re-center on this geopoint.  The location and extent of the map are fixed to the zoom level/lat/lon from the "detailed map" in the "map" tab of my Survey123Connect. 

Is there a way to override this zoom/extent behavior in my survey's map? Can the URL tell the survey where to center the map?

I tried an alternate approach of setting "&center=lat,lon" in the URL, but that just defines the geopoint and doesn't change the map. I couldn't find any resources about controlling extent/zoom for a survey map, only for webmaps.  The user will be adding dozens of points at each site cluster, and it would really streamline things if they didn't have to zoom/pan back to the site each time.  Thanks!

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I know you posted this in 2021, but did you ever figure this out?  I think I'm attempting to do the same thing with no results.

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You can do this for the app via the Map tab. Set "Zoom level" to the desired level, and your geopoint will zoom to that level by default*


*ONLY for the Field App though. If you are using a web form, the "level" is ignored. There is also a "level" URL parameter that compliments "center", but S123 seems to ignore that entirely regardless if it's the web or app.