Set Null Field Value From URL Argument

06-23-2020 07:48 AM
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I know you can set a field value using a URL argument like this:,-122.4783

Is it possible to set the value of a null field? The entry point to the survey uses a null field value to set relevance for the next page in the survey. I need to set it to establish that via the URL.

Also, is it possible to set the page using a URL argument like:,-122.4783&page=2

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Hi Keith

Yes it is possible to pass a value via a URL into a field that has a bind::esri:fieldType of 'null'. This should work just like any other field, using the field:fieldname= syntax. While this field does not exist in the survey's feature layer, it does 'exist' for the purposes of the survey form.

Regarding pages, it is not possible to set a page number via a URL parameter. You can, however, hide pages using the hide= parameter.

Please find some great info on web app URL parameters in this blog post and here Integrate with other apps—Survey123 for ArcGIS | Documentation.



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