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Set Custom Geo-locator Search

09-07-2020 05:35 PM
New Contributor III

Hi - I've seen the various posts describing how to use a custom map from AGOL within Survey123 and I'm wondering if a custom geolocator can be applied to that AGOL basemap and used within the Survey123 App? 

In my area, the default ESRI geocoder used for addresses isn't very accurate.  So, if I could replace that geocoder with a field value from my assessing data, it would provide better results.

I anticipate many residents would have trouble finding their property on a map.  So, if they could just enter their address to pin the location, that should provide more reliable results.



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Christine,

The Survey123 field and web apps will use the geocodes that are configured with your organization; you can select which one to use in the field app.  See Geopoints—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation .  Note that for public surveys, only the ArcGIS World Geocoder will be available as that is a known public geocoder.

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@JamesTedrick So, for all public surveys, the public can only use the ArcGIS World Geocoder and not an organization's locator that is public?  If I wanted the public to be able to search for a park name from our locator, they cannot do so?

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Might this ability be possible in the future?