Server lost form/feature layer/webmap information.

07-15-2021 01:04 PM
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viga end form issue.PNG

I made several forms in anticipation of the field season. Some didn't have responses submitted for about a month and it seems like the server has misplaced the form/feature layer/webmap options (see image). When I try to publish a minor change to the form, it freezes on "Checking Feature Service: Getting Service Information" page. The form is not on my "" page either. 

We have multiple drafts open that we're working on so I don't want to publish a new survey and transfer all the information from one draft to the other. What should I do?



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Hi.  I would contact Esri Tech Support to understand why your ArcGIS items are missing.  I am not sure you can do much from a Survey123 perspective. If the items are not recoverable, then I see no choice but to republish your surveys. For that, from Connect, do a Save as, and publish your copy of the survey. I can only guess that Connect freezes when you try to re-publish to your original layers because they are corrupt.

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